Introducing Spectra TFinity – Welcome to Infinite Possibilities

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Today marks the 30th anniversary of Spectra Logic Corporation.  We’ve evolved over the years from an AIT-only shop, to a half-inch player, to… well, I’m getting to that.  As part of our celebration, we’re also announcing the most ambitious, market-moving, storage changing endeavor we’ve ever undertaken…  No.  We’re not buying Sun.

Instead, we’re delighted to let you know that the latest edition of a long and field-proven line of libraries from Spectra has a new member in the family: The Spectra TFinity.

TFinity leverages much of the technology inherent in the TSeries family of libraries that have made them so successful, then takes it to the next level.  Size matters and that’s where we’ve gone.

TFinity is massive.  It will hold 30,520 cartridges in a single library—or up to 122,080 in a library complex.  That, folks, is 183 PB of data under a single point of management.  Go ahead and say it… "Awesome!"

TFinity is intensely dense.  We put more storage into a single square foot of your data center floor than anybody else on the market today.  Did you know that Spectra Logic saved NASA Ames a whole house worth (translation: 1,400 sq. feet) of space with the same architecture as that used in TFinity?  Ask us.  We’ll tell you how.

TFinity is fast.  4,000 tape cycles per day.  Operational moves.  Real performance.  Not the – ahem – ethereal figures which can be found elsewhere.  FermiLab — you know — the national proton accelerator collider guys?   The really smart people?  Even they haven’t asked for more moves than that.

TFinity is reliable.  The kind of reliability you wish you had on your data center floor right now.  With redundant components for communications, robotics, robotics control, library management, and even drives, TFinity supports it.   

TFinity is efficient.  The other guys will use up to 6x as much power to store a TB of data.  Only the public utilities people like that kind of thing.

TFinity is manageable.  One interface all the time.  One set of procedures all the time.  One skill set all the time.  Duplicating any of these means doubling your budget.  We don’t believe in that.  TFinity with BlueScale management is built to back that up.

TFinity is affordable.  TFinity’s version of standard features is equal to everybody else’s extra features.  However, their version of extra also means extra $$$ out of your pocket to buy their gear and add-ons.  TFinity features are built-in, not bolted on.  This saves you money.

TFinity’s TCO story is the best out there because it’s massive (think ECONOMIES of scale), dense (saved a house) efficient (public utilities hate it), and manageable (one guy doing the work of 2).  Give us a chance to show you how great your TCO could be.

By the way, did we tell you it’s our birthday today?  And to think, you’re the one getting the present.  TFinity

Come celebrate with us and learn more about the biggest, most innovative, efficient, manageable, secure, hip, cool, and  handsome tape library on the block.  You’ll be glad ya did.