Almost Here: Famous Days in History

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November 10, 1785:  Netherlands and France sign treaty… ahhhh, storage for all.

November 10, 1801:  Kentucky outlaws dueling… No more fighting for storage!

November 10, 1919: 1st observance of National Book Week… Need lots of storage for all those books.

November 10, 1946:  Communists win many seats at French parliamentary election…  Equal storage for everybody!

November 10, 1950:  Nobel for literature awarded to William Faulkner… Bill knows literature.  We know storage!

November 10, 1954:  Lieutenant Colonel John Strapp travels 632 MPH in a rocket sled… That’s fast.  So is our storage.
November 10, 1969: 
"Sesame Street" premieres on PBS TV… Simple.  Everybody gets it.  Just like our storage.

November 10, 1982:  IMF lends Mexico $3.8 billion due to threatened bankruptcy… Probably because they bought too much EXPENSIVE storage!

November 10, 1983:  Federal government shut down… Because they didn’t have enough storage?

November 10, 1989:  Germans begin demolishing Berlin Wall…  Achieving storage freedom!

November 10, 2009:  Spectra Logic announces something new…  More storage!  Storage for everybody!

See us tomorrow to find out what the next big thing in storage is and why you should get it.
November 10 dates in history courtesy of … Except for November 10, 2009 which is courtesy of Spectra Logic.