Top five observations from IBC 2009 in Amsterdam

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Spectra Logic recently returned from IBC2009, where we announced a major customer win: Discovery Communications. Here are the observations we made at the event:

1.       Attendance was quite good. It was down only 7% from the previous year, which is modest in comparison to other shows these days.
2.       Those who attended were top decision makers with active projects. Sales. We are seeing an increase in market activity despite the poor economy, and have a large pipeline of active archive projects. We see a very active market and are beginning to see a positive energy to release POs as the economy improves.
3.       There are rumors of a location change in 2010. A fresh location would help draw new attendees and generate new energy around IBC
4.       The amount of content in the media and entertainment market continues to grow year-over-year. In order to remain competitive, a number of Spectra and non-Spectra customers are converting old analog content into digital formats. This enables them to repurpose content for delivery via newer and more popular mediums such as IP and mobile, hence providing new revenue opportunities.  
5.       The move to a digital workflow environment is no longer cutting edge. The masses are moving to digital, file-based workflow environments and archive has become an essential piece of that puzzle.
Overall, a great show and I am looking forward to next year!