Ms. Meade E.A. Deftly Strikes Again

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Dear Ms. Meade:
My tapes are defective. My supplier says that tapes are just like that and she can’t do anything about it.

I am sick of incomplete backups due to failed tapes. What should I do?

Dear Tape-Hater:
As I understand it, your tapes are bad and you continue to buy them from whomever. Please consider that there may be some correlation between the source of the media and its quality problems. Perhaps we should examine some alternatives. One answer seems a little obvious, but I shall state it nonetheless.

Please investigate Spectra Certified Media with a lifetime guarantee*. Also, evaluate the possibility of using Spectra libraries, which tell you which tapes are failing so you can remove them from circulation before data is at risk or backups fail. That will free you to find something else to do with the time heretofore dedicated to tracking defective tape.  And perhaps you will cease to hate tape, and instead love Spectra Logic. I certainly do. (After all, they pay me.)

(*No text is complete without fine print, or in this case, italic print, so here it is: the lifetime guarantee does NOT mean your lifetime or the lifetime of the data or the lifetime of a planetary body –it means the tape’s lifetime as defined by the manufacturer and so on and so forth. For more details, please check