The Holidays Come Early for the Federal Government

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It’s Christmas all year round at Spectra Logic.

Federal spending is predicted to reach $3.02 trillion in 2009, so most every vendor is scrambling to get as much as they can. The real smart vendors, like Spectra Logic, dedicate resources to federal the entire year….  Trust me, if you are just jumping on that bandwagon folks call buying season, Elvis has left the building.

First, some background, with years of product management and field sales experience, I pinpointed the Federal market, studied it, deeply understood it, and saw its opportunities.  When I moved up the management ladder I had the ability to make a real difference.  In 2004, Spectra Logic built a dedicated Federal team and launched  Spectra Logic Federal. Five years later, Spectra Logic’s Federal business now comprises approximately 30% of North American revenue. We get it; we embrace it; we support it; and most importantly we build a business around it.

But I’m going to temporarily take off my vendor hat—well, as much as a VP of sales can (read my bio)— for you Federal storage admins that are looking for a vendor who is a straight shooter.  Here are a few facts about Spectra Logic Federal that you should consider during the end of buying season 2009:
1.       More than 200 Federal agencies currently use Spectra products for data archive and backup. Our latest Federal contract win, Army TARDEC, was just announced yesterday (read the press release ) More than 200 agencies can’t be wrong.
2.       Year over year, Spectra Logic Federal has been one of the GSA’s top ten percent revenue generators on information technology (IT) Schedule 70. We also cater to many other government procurement vehicles such as SEWP, etc.
3.       Spectra Logic is small business certified. C’mon, we know you have set aside budget, buried deep in your pockets.
4.       Oracle, Sun, STK (whatever they go by nowadays) customers are switching to Spectra Logic at lightning speed. They realized it’s time to hang up the 8-tracks and plug in their MP3 players. You know about Army TARDEC, but did you know NASA Ames replaced 10 Sun/STK Powderhorns in exchange for two enterprise Spectra T950’s?
Now for the real pitch. Spectra Logic offers special services to come onsite, dismantle your outdated Oracle/Sun/STK Silo, remove it from your data center and haul it offsite (to the “yard” as we call it down South). Now that’s customer service…
As you decide what new archive and backup products you should choose—and from which vendors— with this fiscal or even next fiscal budget… If you want: Smaller, Faster, Less Expensive, Easier to Use :  Call me.  I can help you.
I hope to see you this November at AFCEA Asia Pacific in Hawaii and SC2009 in Portland, and in March at FOSE2010 in Washington D.C.
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