Privately thriving

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Spectra Logic recently announced yet another profitable year—for a third consecutive year— with significant growth in verticals that include media and entertainment, high-performance computing, and the federal government sector. We attribute our success to a number of factors including:

  • Solid demand for large and mid-range data protection solutions;
  • Our strong position in key vertical markets including high-performance computing (HPC), media and entertainment and the federal sector;
  • Innovative, market-leading feature sets;
  • Channel expansion;
  • Significant repeat business from existing customers; and
  • Growth of our Enterprise customer base.              
Spectra Logic’s focused innovation and business stability is also an advantage, while others in the industry are working through consolidation and merger deals, we are continuing to innovate and focus on what we do best.
Spectra Logic’s deep understanding of tape, backup and archive is a result of our thirty-year history in data protection technology. Spectra Logic is proud of its innovative archive and backup technology, strong financial performance, and success in the market. In our fiscal year 2009 which just ended in June, we expanded our deduplication and disk based backup and archive offerings as well as introduced full availability of the Spectra® T50e, T680 with TranScale, the MLM Reader and several generations of BlueScale10.x feature enhancements. Our momentum, focus and dedication to creating products our customers want with features they’ve asked for, has led to numerous honors, including recognition as:
  • A CRN Emerging Tech vendor, citing Spectra Logic’s innovative and easy-to-use Media Lifecycle Management tape health tracking software
  • Computerworld’s Best Practices in Storage for NASCAR Media Group’s implementation of the Spectra T950
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