Dedupe and tape elope

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"Deduplication has made tape irrelevant" … "Tape Sucks" … “I’m amazed how fast everyone is abandoning tape.”   The deduplication industry in particular, has been extremely vocal about how it is killing off tape. Fighting the conventional wisdom, Spectra Logic is running full speed ahead as a tape company with solid deduplication offerings. As I sit in a hotel room in Phoenix after another day full of meetings with customers and partners, pondering where to have dinner in Scottsdale, I find it interesting that most people I talk to these days find our deduplication with a true tie to tape a "fresh" approach.
Don’t get me wrong, deduplication by itself is great, and many companies have been able to go tapeless with it. Given the right combination of data, retention, compliance concerns and several other variables, it is possible to have a great data protection infrastructure without tape. Unfortunately, the real world does not often line up that way. That is why I think Spectra’s unique tie to tape with nTier, just announced this morning, is so important. The reality is that some organizations will never be able to get rid of tape. (I don’t care what type of data you are storing or archiving, disk is not a good place to keep static data for 7 years.)   Other organizations at a minimum need tape “here and there”. I will leave it up to my partners in crime to preach the benefits of tape, but rest assured, I am the disk guy— who happens to still believe in tape. 
This brings me back to the nTier, and its tie to tape. Most organizations are still using tape for their long term backup and archive storage. Instead of disrupting that, nTier with deduplication fits right in. Now, an organization with multiple remote sites can deploy smaller appliances at each remote site, replicate to the main location, and have long term tape copies created at the central site without any administrator interaction at all. It just does not make sense to ignore the predominate media for backup. 
That is how automated data protection should be!