CYAssets for Media and Entertainment

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By Hossein ZiaShakeri, SVP of Strategic Marketing and Business Development

You may have noticed a number of recent announcements and articles on how media and entertainment customers who have selected Spectra Logic as the preferred vendor for data asset management. 
Jon Toigo recently stated in an article about two of Spectra Logic’s broadcast customers NASCAR and the Discovery Channel, that tape continues to be the preferred home for nearly 70 percent of the world’s data — especially in the core of the digital revolution: video.
Media and entertainment is not a new area of focus for Spectra Logic but we are seeing growth here. Outside of the technical benefits of our high-density tape libraries, we understand the industry’s digital archive issues and work closely with our customers to deliver the support necessary to provide archival solutions that offer high capacity and room for growth.
Spectra Logic also announced recently that the Tennis Channel selected a Spectra T950 robotic tape library to store many hours of video footage. Dean Hadaegh, CTO and senior VP of technical operations for the Tennis Channel was recently quoted in a Broadcast Engineering article as saying that they chose Spectra Logic tape libraries for the reliability and ease in adding slots and drives as necessary. "The Spectra Logic automated tape library, with its multiple high-speed drives, has proven invaluable in meeting our backup time constraints," Hadaegh said. "The T950 system’s ability to be logically partitioned and handle multiple media formats is also an important factor. Besides cost savings related to the type of media, tape allows us the ability to easily off-site media for disaster recovery purposes."
In addition to solving the company’s backup and archive requirements, the scalable archive will be put to good use during the Tennis Channel’s live coverage of the upcoming U.S. Open tournament.
We are proud to be a preferred digital assets archive provider for these companies and a host of others including Scripps Networks, Foxtel, CBS, Showtime, Cox Television, Entertainment Tonight, MTV, National Geographic, AC Neilsen UK etc. More information on how we address the media and entertainment business can be found here.