Top 10 Reasons to Encrypt Your Data

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From the field office out of Nederland, CO, home of the Frozen Dead Guy Days (look it up) here are the Top 10 Reasons to Encrypt Your Data.

10) It’s not nearly as hard as you think to encrypt your data.  In fact, it can be effortless.

9) No need to give the ambulance chasing attorneys more work to chase.

8) Be a leader, not a follower (II).  One-third of firms don’t know if they’ll encrypt their tapes and 50% don’t know where they would store them.  (Thales Survey)

7) Be a leader, not a follower (I).  Only 52% of firms report encrypting all sensitive data and personally identifiable information.  (Security Destruction Business Magazine, April 2009)

6) Without encryption, you may need to use this to estimate how much your lost data will cost you.  And it may not be pretty (see #2).

5) Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards call for the use of hashing and encryption when storing certain pieces of credit card holder information.  If your business uses credit cards, you may need to comply.  (PCI DSS)

4) 262,683,931 personal records breached between April 2005 and July 24, 2009.  Don’t add to the number!   (

3) 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and yes, even the U.S. Virgin Islands, all have security breach notification laws on their books.   This means your data may be safer on vacation in El Carib than on Mt. Rushmore since South Dakota doesn’t have security breach legislation yet.  (National Conference of State Legislatures, May 2009)

2) $6.65 million average cost per data breach and $202 per customer record compromised.  (Ponemon Institute, February 2009)

1) As the good folks at Nike say, “Just Do It”.  Besides, research proves that encryption reduces the number of data breaches.