Spectra T680 Tape Library Breaks the 1 Petabyte Of Storage Capacity in a Rack Barrier

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T680 Obsoletes Thousands of Tape Libraries with Highest Density, Lowest Energy Usage and Proactive Media Health Monitoring

WASHINGTON D.C.—FOSE2009—March 10, 2009 –Storage administrators face multiple dilemmas today as many tape hardware vendors regularly announce budget cuts and reduced investment in research and development. Maintenance and media costs are sky high and storage administrators with older tape libraries are left with a dead-end technology roadmaps for tape backup and archive solutions.  In response, Spectra Logic is announcing the availability of the new Spectra® T680 for large mid-range or small enterprise customers. The T680 offers three significant advantages:

• The highest density and most energy efficient storage available in a data center rack
• Complete investment protection with the ability use the SpectraTranScale growth path to over 10,000 slots of storage
• Elimination of backup failures caused by dirty or overused tape media

The T680 is the only library on the market today to store a full petabyte of data in a single rack and provide a seamless growth path to more than 10,000 storage slots. The T680 provides two to three times more storage density per square foot of floor space, and consumes approximately half the power of competing mid-range libraries, in matching LTO-4 configurations.

Spectra Logic now extends its BlueScale™ software to include the new T680 – offering a single management layer for all Spectra tape libraries and disk solutions.  BlueScale has been in development for more than 15 years, and includes: a single point of management for encryption with key management; proactive hardware and software health indicators to eliminate backup failures; power usage reporting; remote visibility with BlueScale Vision internal Web camera; and library partitioning. 

"The T680 offers the highest density and most energy efficiency in a single rack.  With its unmatched, advanced feature set, and the ability to expand into larger libraries as data storage needs change, the T680 is the ideal solution to replace inadequate or discontinued libraries," said Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic’s CEO. "The modular mid-range TSerieslibrary promises total media security and complete library reliability, with features that eliminate backup failures caused by dirty or overused tape media. Spectra Logic is confident that the T680 will obsolete thousands of storage systems installed in data centers today."

The Spectra T680 specifications and features include:
• Supports up to 680 tape cartridges and TranScales to the T950 for more than  10,000 tape cartridges
• With TranScale, users expand to a larger library with increased capacity and throughput, onsite in less than half a day – guaranteed. No forklift upgrades are required; only a chassis change
• 1.08 PB (compressed) maximum capacity:  the market’s highest density in a single rack
• Supports 12 full-height tape drives with future plans to expand to 24 half-height tape drives
• 10.4TB/Hour (compressed ) throughput with LTO-4 drives and media
• Connectivity via nTier disk cache, VTL, FC, SCSI or iSCSI

Spectra’s TSerieslibrary family (T950/T680/T380/T200/T120/T50e) has been in development since 2002, and the Spectra T680 completes the mid-range library product set that offers customers a complete scalable solution for midrange libraries. Pricing for a 50-slot T680 with four LTO-4 drives, BlueScale Encryption with key management and a one-year standard warranty begins at $67,780.The Spectra T680 is compatible with all mainstream backup, archive and Digital Asset Management applications.

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