Spectra Logic Releases New BlueScale Features for Backup and Archive Reliability

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Spectra expands on open storage and preventative error identification initiatives with BlueScale 10.5

SC2008, AUSTIN, Texas—November 18, 2008– Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, is developing the next revision of the BlueScale™ management software, the common interface across its TSeries tape libraries and nTier backup and archive disk appliances. BlueScale 10.5 offers new features that simplify data storage and boost backup reliability in enterprise and HPC environments.

BlueScale retains all of its existing features, including Spectra BlueScale Encryption with key management, EnergyAudit power monitor, Media Lifecycle Management and AutoSupport. BlueScale 10.5 adds these new functionalities:

BlueScale 10.5 features enable open storage options to ease operations in custom and HPC environments:
• Auto Drive Cleaning is now integrated in the library for customers with archive or backup solutions that do not include drive cleaning functionality.  BlueScale is compatible with major and custom backup and archive packages including Amanda, Backula, Disk Extender, DIVArchive, DMF, HPSS, MassStore, NetBackup, Sympana, TSM and Spectra Logic continues to open its storage offerings so customers may choose preferences and integrate them seamlessly.
• Command Line Interface (CLI) gives direct library control and reporting to users with custom backup requirements, a commonality in HPC and broadcast industries during backup and archive processes. CLI increases the number of accessibility options available to the library user, such as Web, XML and SSL.

BlueScale 10.5 promotes proactive problem identification, reporting and support:
• Spectra Vision is an internal Web camera that improves library uptime and remote diagnostic capabilities.  Storage administrators and SpectraGuard Support can now visually monitor internal library operations in real time from any where in the world.
• Hardware Health Monitor (HHM) expands on Spectra’s continued investment in tape reliability.  HHM tracks component thresholds and proactively notifies administrators of possible threats before failures can occur. HHM users can expect the same notifications inherent in RAID array reporting, but translated into tape. HHM is the hardware counterpart to Spectra’s Media Lifecycle Management tape health tool.  With HHM, tape users can now expect the same reliability from tape libraries that they expect from disk arrays.

‘Spectra Logic’s goal is to identify solutions and to develop features that our customers’ environments demand,’ said Molly Rector, Spectra Logic’s VP of product management. ‘BlueScale 10.5 was designed with HPC and enterprise customer pain points in mind.’

BlueScale software was introduced in 1994 and comes standard, free of charge, with the Spectra TSeriestape libraries: the Spectra T50e, T120, T200, T380 and T950; and nTier SATA-based backup and archive appliances: the nTier 300, 500 and 700.  BlueScale 10.5 will ship in late December 2008.

About Spectra Logic Corporation
Spectra Logic custom-builds innovative backup and archive solutions for secondary storage, to protect data after it migrates from primary disk.   More than 20,000 companies worldwide have implemented Spectra Logic solutions to address tiered storage needs. With Spectra Logic solutions, no single technology is advocated at any customer site.  Instead, Spectra architects a customized blend of software and hardware to create the right solution to meet each customer’s needs.  Spectra Logic solutions provide features that are built in, not bolted on, so customers can easily add capacity, encryption, deduplication, energy monitoring, media health reporting, and much more—in the field, when needs change.  Spectra Logic is available 24×7 to provide the best in support, worldwide. Spectra Logic’s corporate headquarters and US-based manufacturing has been located in Boulder, Colorado since the company’s founding in 1979.


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