Spectra Logic Gives Channel Partners an Edge with Expanded Program and Tools

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SpectraEDGE Offers Customized Incentives, Training, Better Margins in a Flexible Three-Level Approach

BOULDER, Colo.—July 15, 2008 – Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, today announced its new three-tiered channel partner program, SpectraEDGE. More than 300 Spectra Logic partners, across multiple vertical industries worldwide will now receive specialized tools and resources based on revenue achievements and certification benchmarks. SpectraEDGE lets channel partners achieve revenue goals with higher margins; better protect and register accounts; and shorten the sales cycle—in a customized, flexible format.

Dubbed SpectraEDGE, the new program focuses on four commitments Spectra Logic will use to help partners generate revenue: Educate, Develop, Grow and Excel.  Channel partners are classified into three categories: Elite, Premier and Authorized.

SpectraEDGE partners can leverage a complete set of marketing and sales materials in four resource center areas:  deduplication; energy conservation; IT security; and media management. Resource centers offer unlimited access to: brochures, case studies, glossaries, presentations, slicks, white papers, and multimedia files such as videos and banner ads – making it possible to quickly and easily rollout a complete demand generation integrated campaign. SpectraEDGE also features dedicated Channel Account Manager staff members to support channel partners.

‘Spectra Logic has an established reputation as the chosen storage expert for many channel partners in the industry,’ said Amy Rao, CEO, Integrated Archive Systems,  the first-named Elite Partner in the new SpectraEDGE program. ‘IAS began selling Spectra products eleven years ago and has always received top-notch training to help brush up our skill sets, and collateral to help us sell products most efficiently. I am confident the SpectraEDGE program structure is as customizable and flexible as Spectra’s actual solutions.’

SpectraEDGE channel partners can select a level of commitment and benefit from a correlating variety of resources best suited to individual partner needs, such as product discounts; in-person and/or Web-based trainings ; dedicated Spectra staff resources;  extended access to evaluation and beta units; and customized end user campaign development and execution.

‘Spectra Logic provides superior products and services with true measurable value, which make our solutions easy to position, sell and support,’ said Nathan Thompson, CEO of Spectra Logic. ‘As Spectra approaches its 30th year in business, we strive to find creative ways to meet customer and business partner demand. One of our first goals this quarter is to multiply our channel partners’ benefits, and expand the entire program to offer a stronger competitive edge to ensure long-term success.’

For complete program details, questions, or to register to become a SpectraEDGE Channel partner, please visit, e-mail or call SpectraEDGE at 1-800-833-1132.

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Spectra Logic is the leading innovator in data archive and backup. We help customers all over the world protect data with power-efficient products that let users reduce risk, lower cost and save time. Spectra Logic’s archive and backup products are designed specifically for secondary storage needs and are compatible with every major tape and disk format. Spectra products provide integrated library, deduplication, encryption and key management options through the intuitive BlueScale 10 interface. The company’s tape, disk and encryption solutions are designed to evolve over time.  Spectra products are an excellent investment for IT managers who project growth and plan for years into the future. Spectra Logic is changing the world of storage.


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