Spectra Logic Introduces the Right Way to Scale from 50 to 10,000 Plus Slots with Transcale T200 Library

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TranScale libraries superior to stacking libraries, offer reliable alternative in data growth management
WASHINGTON, D.C.—FOSE 2008–April 1, 2008–Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator,is now shipping the Spectra® T200 tape library, the newest member of the TSeriesfamily that provides TranScale™Users can purchase a T200 today and transform and scale— TranScale—to the larger T380, T680 and the enterprise T950 as data storage requirements grow.    growth , a new concept in the data storage industry.
TranScaling is easier, faster, and more cost-effective than scaling tape libraries using stacking modules. Stacking modules adds complexity to the library configuration. TranScaling eliminates reliability issues that can arise from stacking and pass-through configurations. To TranScale, simply migrate the proven configuration and components to a larger chassis. The backup software and network environment are unaffected and require no changes or updates. Adding capacity by bolting onto a library is now replaced with built-in scalability through the TranScale T200 through the T380 and beyond. The same components that can move between chassis are so easy to install that customers can do so using components from a cache stored on-site through the Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM) option.
The T200 is easy to use, manage and scale—lowering management costs due to the library’s unique, inexpensive growth path with TranScale,” said Brian Grainger, VP of Spectra Logic Federal. “Federal customers will like the convenient ASM option where data center staff can quickly replace components on-site, eliminating the wait for a technician with security clearance to make a simple swap.”
The Spectra T200 tape library stores 320TB in 20U. The rack-mountable library is managed with Spectra’s BlueScale software, the only library management solution to include LTO-4 encryption key management in a graphical interface that simplifies library administration. It scales easily into the T380 library and the T950 enterprise library.
The Spectra T200 is available for sale directly or through the GSA contract number 47QTCA20D0064. Pricing for a two LTO drive, 50 slot T200 begins at $72,000.
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