Spectra Logic Joins the Green Grid

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BOULDER, Colo. – March 12, 2008 – Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, today announced its membership in The Green Grid. The Green Grid is a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems. Spectra Logic’s membership will extend the company’s knowledge and resource bank on end user needs for energy efficiency in storage.
Spectra Logic designs its intelligent Secondary Storage disk appliances and tape libraries with the EnergyAudit™ power usage and monitoring feature included standard. EnergyAudit taps directly into the power supply to track how much power is in use real time, and can report the data in watts per cubic foot, square foot or terabyte.  Spectra Logic designs power efficiency savings into all secondary storage platforms. For example, the Spectra T950 annual energy costs for power and cooling are more than 50 percent less than other enterprise-class tape libraries.
End users continue to note in our research that the finite power allocation planned for future storage growth is often consumed months, if not years, ahead of expectations and that close to 25 percent of all new data centers are being created to address this growth in power usage,” said Robert Stevenson, managing director of storage research for TheInfoPro (www.theinfopro.net). “Spectra Logic’s EnergyAudit feature offers a step towards energy measurement, allowing for better management of power usage within existing data centers.”
The Green Grid seeks to provide industry-wide recommendations on best practices, metrics and technologies that will improve overall data center and business computing energy efficiencies. By joining The Green Grid, Spectra Logic is helping influence both developers and end users of data center technology.
“With energy costs rising, customers demand cost-effective and energy-efficient storage products,” said Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic’s founder and CEO. “Spectra Logic designs solutions that use less power and offers tools to calculate cost-savings, and are now backing our commitment by joining the industry’s knowledge leader so we can continue to offer the most timely tools that customers wish to deploy.”
About Spectra Logic Corporation
Spectra Logic is the leading innovator in data archive and backup. We help customers all over the world protect data with power-efficient products that let users reduce risk, lower cost and save time. Spectra Logic’s archive and backup products are designed specifically for secondary storage needs and are compatible with every major tape and disk format. Spectra products provide integrated library, encryption, and key management options through the intuitive BlueScale 10 interface. Spectra’s energy efficient tape libraries and disk products use far less power than other comparable products. The company’s tape, disk and encryption solutions are designed to evolve over time.  Spectra products are an excellent investment for IT managers who project growth and plan for years into the future. Since Spectra Logic was founded in 1979, the company has introduced innovative, industry-leading products including: Intelligent Secondary Storage (nTier-2007); hardware-based, VTL encryption with compression (RXT-2006); hardware-based, library-enabled encryption with compression (BlueScale Encryption-2005); and integrated tape and disk in a single library (Spectra T950 with RXT-2004). Spectra Logic is changing the world of storage. Visit www.SpectraLogic.com for more information.
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