Spectra T950 with Bluescale10 Named Finalist in 2007 "Storage Products of the Year" Competition in Backup Hardware Category

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Product Offers LTO-4 Encryption Key Management, Power Management & Monitoring Capabilities

BOULDER, Colo., January 22, 2008—Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, was named a finalist in Storage magazine- SearchStorage.com’s Products of the Year annual competition, in the Backup Hardware category. The Spectra T950 with BlueScale10 Management Software offers users a suite of features previously unavailable in tape libraries, including advanced encryption key management for LTO-4 keys.

“BlueScaleVersion 10 was introduced in 2007, delivering two critical features to meet our customer’s needs:  the EnergyAudit power monitoring tool and complete LTO-4 support that lets administrators take advantage of LTO-4 encryption,” said Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic’s founder and CEO. “BlueScale software has changed with the market since its first-generation release in 1994. Many more features are planned for release 2008, when users will access more new BlueScale functionality than in previous years combined.”

BlueScale10 EnergyAuditTM provides a patented technology to monitor and report on the ongoing power usage of the tape library.  EnergyAudit makes it possible to track real time power usage for efficient utilization, budgetary planning and data center construction.  No library, other than the Spectra TSeries, offers tracking of real time power utilization.

BlueScale10 Encryption key management enables users to take advantage of the LTO-4 drive-based encryption with encryption key management that has been used in customer sites for more than two years.

The Spectra T950 expands up to eight frames, which provides 16.08 PB storage capacity and scales up to 10,050 slots. The unit can incorporate virtual tape library (VTL) functionality, has integrated AES-256 encryption with compression capability, and complete key management software all in a single library. Spectra Logic BlueScale10 Management Software is available in all TSeriestape libraries and is included at no additional charge.

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About Spectra Logic Corporation
Spectra Logic is the leading innovator in data archive and backup. We help Federal agencies all over the world protect data with power-efficient products that let users reduce risk, lower cost and save time. Spectra Logic’s archive and backup products are designed specifically for secondary storage needs and are compatible with every major tape and disk format. Spectra products provide integrated library, encryption and key management options through the intuitive BlueScale10 interface. Spectra’s green tape libraries and disk products use an average of 60 percent less power than other comparable products. The company’s tape, disk and encryption solutions are designed  to evolve over time, and make an excellent investment for Federal IT managers who project growth and plan for years into the future. Since Spectra Logic was founded in 1979, the company has introduced innovative, industry-leading products including: Archive and Backup Servers (nTier-2007); hardware-based, VTL encryption with compression (RXT-2006); hardware-based, library-enabled encryption with compression (BlueScale Encryption-2005); and integrated tape and disk in a single library (Spectra T950 with RXT-2004). Spectra Logic is changing the world of storage.


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