Bell Microproducts and Spectra Logic Enter Distribution Agreement

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Bell Adds Entire Spectra Logic Archive and Backup Product Line to Storage Suite
BOULDER, Colo., June 18, 2007—Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, and Bell Microproducts Inc. (NASDAQ: BELM), one of the world’s largest value-added distributors of storage and computing technology, have entered into a distribution agreement. Bell Microproducts now distributes Spectra Logic’s entire line of tape libraries and disk archive solutions to thousands of US and Canada-based value added resellers (VARs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system builders.
Spectra Logic’s tape, disk and encryption products range from SMB to enterprise level, are platform independent and integrate with all major operating systems. Customers can choose tape libraries with AIT, LTO, SAIT or SDLT tape; RXT SATA disk VTL technology; or Spectra’s newest product family, SATA-based nTier archive and backup servers.
“Spectra Logic’s products compliment our current storage offerings, and add a key enterprise-class library, the Spectra T950, that can be expanded to more than 16 PB and be configured with tape, disk, encryption and/or as a VTL,” said Ryan Lewis, a product marketing manager for Bell Microproducts. “Bell Microproducts entered the partnership with Spectra Logic to further establish our organization as the industry’s strongest enterprise-class storage distributor.”
Bell Microproducts will distribute the following Spectra Logic products to its reseller partners: LTO-based Spectra T950, T120, T50, T24; AIT-based Spectra 64K, 20K, 2K; SATA-based RXT disk; and the SATA-based nTier500 archive and backup server.   
“We selected Bell Microproducts as a partner because it has the strongest storage focus in technology distribution,” said Molly Rector, vice president of marketing and product management for Spectra Logic. “VARs can issue a single purchase order, which eliminates purchasing hassles and offers access to complete software and hardware solutions from one vendor.”
About Bell Microproducts                                                                                                         
Bell Microproducts (NASDAQ: BELM) is an international, value-added distributor of a wide range of high-tech products, solutions and services, including storage systems, servers, software, computer components and peripherals, as well as maintenance and professional services. An industry-recognized specialist in storage products, this Fortune 1000 company is one of the world’s largest storage-centric value-added distributors. In 2006, the company celebrated the sale of its 50 millionth hard disk drive, setting a significant industry milestone.
Bell Microproducts is uniquely qualified with deep technical and application expertise to service a broad range of information technology needs. From design to deployment, its products are available at any level of integration, from components to subsystem assemblies and fully-integrated, tested and certified system solutions. More information can be found in the company’s SEC filings, or by visiting the Bell Microproducts Web site at
About Spectra Logic Corporation
Spectra Logic is the leading innovator in data archive and backup. We help customers all over the world protect data better with hardware and software products that enable users to reduce risk, lower cost and save time. Spectra Logic’s archive and backup products are designed specifically for secondary storage needs, are compatible with every major tape and disk format, and come with integrated encryption and key management options through the intuitive BlueScale operating system and management interface. The company’s tape, disk and encryption solutions are designed to evolve over time and make an excellent investment for IT managers who are projecting growth and planning for many years into the future. Since Spectra Logic was founded in 1979, several innovative creations and industry-first products have been introduced to the market, including: Archive and Backup Servers (nTier-2007); hardware-based, VTL encryption with compression (RXT-2006); hardware-based, library-enabled encryption with compression (BlueScale Encryption-2005); and integrated tape and disk in a single library (Spectra T950 with RXT-2004). Spectra Logic is changing the world of storage. For more information, contact Spectra Logic at (800) 833-1132.
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