Spectra Logic Awarded Government of Canada NMSO Contract in Archival Storage Equipment Category

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Canada Departments, Agencies can now Purchase Spectra TSeries Products from NMSO Contract
TORONTO, SAN/NAS SUMMIT 2007, May 8, 2007 —Spectra Logic, the leading innovator in data archive and backup, announced today that it is now listed on the Government of Canada National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) contract in the category of Archival Storage Equipment. Government of Canada departments and agencies can acquire a wide variety of Spectra Logic’s data backup and archival equipment in a cost-effective and timely manner, using NMSO contract number E60EJ-04000T/011/EJ.
All equipment included in the agreement was selected after criteria and value analysis, conducted by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) in accordance with the laws, regulations and policies affecting public sector procurement in Canada. This contract enables federal offices and installations to purchase pre-qualified products at a listed price.
The products listed in the NMSO have met or exceeded the minimum technical requirements as set out by the contracting and technical authority PWGSC. PWGSC set these minimum technical requirements to ensure quality and the highest level of standards deemed acceptable by the Crown and the Federal Government of Canada. Solutions offered on this NMSO include the Spectra® T950, T120, and T50. This tape and disk product set allows organizations to access encryption, VTL and tape backup.
“Spectra Logic is dedicated to helping agencies lower costs, reduce risk and save time during data back up and archive,” said Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic’s CEO. “We pursued this contract award so Canada’s federal department and agencies can have access to proven storage hardware through a more efficient product purchasing process.”
About Spectra Logic’s TSeries libraries
The Spectra T950 enterprise tape library scales from one to eight frames, with more than 16PB capacity, back up to both tape and disk—and can be configured as a VTL. The Spectra T120 for mid-size to enterprise agencies can scale up to 120 slots and 6 full-height drives in one rack-mount library unit. The Spectra T50 library is ideal for small to mid-sized agencies, storing up to 80 TB of data in only seven inches.
About Spectra Logic Corporation
 Spectra Logic is the leading innovator in data archive and backup. We help customers all over the world protect data better with hardware and software products that enable users to reduce risk, lower cost and save time. Spectra Logic’s archive and backup products are designed specifically for secondary storage needs, are compatible with every major tape and disk format, and come with integrated encryption and key management options through the intuitive BlueScale operating system and management interface. The company’s tape, disk and encryption solutions are designed to evolve over time and make an excellent investment for IT managers who are projecting growth and planning for many years into the future. Since Spectra Logic was founded in 1979, several innovative creations and industry-first products have been introduced to the market, including: Archive and Backup Servers (nTier-2007); hardware-based, VTL encryption with compression (RXT-2006); hardware-based, library-enabled encryption with compression (BlueScale Encryption-2005); and integrated tape and disk in a single library (Spectra T950 with RXT-2004). Spectra Logic is changing the world of storage. For more information, contact Spectra Logic at (800) 833-1132.
Media contact: Leigh Grace, 704-543-9283, leighg@spectralogic.com