LTO-4 Encryption – Spectra Logic Announces Free Encryption Key Management with LTO-4

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BOULDER, Colo., April 30, 2007—LTO-4 Encryption: Spectra Logic, the leading innovator in data archive and backup, today announced its support for LTO-4 encryption, including LTO-4 drive-based encryption, in the T50, T120 and T950 libraries. LTO-4 encryption requires a key management solution be in place to manage the encryption keys. Spectra Logic has extended BlueScale Encryption’s key management to now manage LTO-4 encryption keys as well as library generated encryption keys. Spectra Logic is currently the only library vendor on the market offering a complete LTO-4 key management solution. 
“Customer research shows that key management is one of the most pressing concerns when dealing with encrypted data,” said Jon Oltsik, senior security analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group.” With this announcement Spectra Logic has taken a leadership position as it now offers an advanced key management functionally in an encryption solution.”
For more than a year, Spectra Logic has been shipping library-based encryption and key management for enhanced data security. Spectra’s Endura Key Management is the only key management solution available today that is fully integrated with a tape library, has proven ease-of-use and an affordable cost point. This key management is now extended to support LTO-4 drive-based encryption. 
"With all the focus on data security in the marketplace today, the addition of the IBM Ultrium LTO Generation 4 Tape Drive to Spectra Logic’s portfolio is a key enabler for encryption-based solutions.  Spectra Logic is known for providing customers with reliable, innovative tape storage solutions.  With this announcement, Spectra Logic now has the ability to offer increased capacity and performance with encryption that helps address customers’ needs in the marketplace," said Alan Dickinson, Director, IBM OEM Storage Partnerships.
Spectra Logic offers two levels of key management: BlueScale Encryption Standard Edition is a secure solution designed for simplicity and is offered at no charge; Professional Edition has all the security of Standard Edition while also offering more extensive key management options for environments with rigorous key management standards. Both Standard and Professional Edition offer fully secure key management for both drive- and library-based encryption of backed up data.
LTO-4 Fibre Channel drives are available now from Spectra Logic, offering 1.6TB compressed capacity per tape, 240 MB/s data transfer rate, WORM capability and the new drive encryption option.
“We are pleased to be the first to offer library-based key management for LTO-4 drives, using a customer proven key management interface,” said Molly Rector, VP of marketing and product management for Spectra Logic. “Spectra Logic believes that secure data protection strategies must include encryption that is affordable and simple to implement. We believe backup encryption should be accessible to all organizations. BlueScale Encryption with LTO-4 is designed to fit any size budget and all levels of key management requirements”.
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