Spectra Logic Introduces 16 PB Storage Library with 10,050 Slots

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WASHINGTON, DC—FOSE 2007—March 20, 2007—Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, today announced the eight-frame Spectra® T950— an enterprise-class library that expands as agency data grows, up to 16.08 petabytes, compressed. It is the only product on the market today that large federal data centers can use to partition and integrate any combination of tape, VTL, and encryption, implementingthe AES-256 algorithm and compression through its FIPS-compliant chip. The T950’s encryption key management suite operates within the library through a standard graphical interface, with no need for additional packages to complete the key management solution.


“The T950 uses an average of 65 percent less energy than competing libraries,” said Brian Grainger, vice president of Spectra Logic Federal. “Selecting the 8-frame T950 energy-efficient library helps agencies handle growing quantities of data while meeting the larger federal commitment to energy conservation, in keeping with the DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program and related regulations.”


The T950 offers federal agencies:

–         The best value compared to all competing libraries—with less time required to administer the library (average 85 percent), less space required per gigabyte for the library (average 58 percent space savings), and greater capacity to scale (more than 50 percent)

–          The greatest flexibility as the only library that lets an agency manage both tape and mobile disk in a single library

–          The highest storage density per square foot, with more than 16 PB compressed capacity

–          The ability to encrypt, compress and decrypt data using the strongest version of AES encryption, to meet demanding security requirements

–          A library that breaks the 10,000 slot barrier— increasingly important for larger federal entities in need of superior data retention and protection, such as the Department of Energy, DoD and Homeland Security

–         A secure method to meet increasing regulations mandated by government compliance laws, addresses data management changes due to the War on Terror; and provides protection for increased data production due to the availability of larger disk drives for primary storage


The eight-frame Spectra T950 can be configured with up to 10,050 slots and 120 LTO, SDLT, SAIT tape drives, and up to 110 RXT drives. The eight-frame T950 offers a native throughput of 14,400 MB/second using LTO-4 drives, when released.


Pricing and availability

Entry-level pricing for the eight-frame T950 starts at $240,250. A single-frame T950 library with the same feature options is available today for just $100,950. The eight-frame version will become generally available to both federal and commercial customers in Q2 CY2007.


About Spectra Logic Corporation

Spectra Logic Corporation is the leader in innovative hardware-driven data backup and archival solutions for companies worldwide. Spectra Logic’s tape, disk and encryption libraries help organizations save time, lower costs and reduce risks while protecting and storing data. Spectra® products support AIT, LTO, SAIT and SDLT tape, provide capacities ranging from 60 gigabytes to multiple petabytes, and integrate encryption and RAID. Today, the company has tens of thousands of libraries installed worldwide with customers that include NASA and Verizon Wireless. Spectra Logic has introduced many industry first products including: first to automate AIT in a library; first with all-native Fibre Channel and iSCSI libraries; first to integrate tape and disk in a single-frame library; first to offer hardware-based, encryption-enabled libraries. Spectra Logic’s data protection products are available through a global network of resellers and OEMs.  For more information, contact Spectra Logic at (800) 833-1132, or visit http://www.SpectraLogic.com.




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