Spectra Logic Expands T950 Library to 7450 Slots with Sixth Frame

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Enterprise Users Can Now Store Nearly Ten Petabytes of Data in One Unit

BOULDER, Colo., December 18, 2006?Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, has increased the maximum capacity of its enterprise-class Spectra® T950 library by adding an additional, optional expansion frame. The six-frame T950, which is now shipping and in use in multiple customer product locations, uses a single robot to manage up to 7450 of tapes and 120 tape drives, and scales to 9.6 petabytes capacity with the highest storage density of any enterprise-class library on the market. Users can count on having expansion room to hold data as necessary, adding more slots or additional expansion as capacity requirements grow over time.

?The Spectra T950 with six frames is a great expansion to an already impressive library that is the only platform available with integrated disk and data encryption,? said Bob Abraham, president of Freeman Reports. ?The product offers a viable solution to enterprise users for many years as it evolves and offers flexibility, large capacity, and security to meet users’ changing needs.?

The six-frame T950 offers a native throughput of 9,600 MB/second using LTO-3 drives. The library can be partitioned with LTO, SAIT, SDLT and/or RXT virtual tape library (VTL), letting users choose the media, or the combination of media, that best suits their data protection needs. The T950 is the only enterprise-class library available with integrated AES-256 bit BlueScale® Encryption capabilities, which allows users to backup, encrypt and compress data with advanced key management, all in a single unit.

The T950 can also be configured as a virtual tape library offering 894TB of integrated virtual tape using RXT, the T950 disk drives that emulate tape and allow IT managers to use disk and tape together in one unit. The T950 with RXT is the only solution that truly combines tape, disk and encryption together inside one library.

The six-frame T950 is available today. Pricing begins at $160,000 for a six-frame unit.

About Spectra Logic Corporation
Spectra Logic Corporation is the leader in innovative hardware-driven data backup and archival solutions for companies worldwide. Spectra Logic?s tape, disk and encryption libraries help organizations save time, lower costs and reduce risks while protecting and storing data. Spectra┬« products support AIT, LTO, SAIT and SDLT tape, provide capacities ranging from 60 gigabytes to multiple Petabytes, and integrate encryption and RAID. Today, the company has tens of thousands of libraries installed worldwide with customers that include NASA and Verizon Wireless. Spectra Logic has introduced many industry first products including: first to automate AIT in a library; first with all-native Fibre Channel and iSCSI libraries; first to integrate tape and disk in a single-frame library; first to offer hardware-based, encryption-enabled libraries. Spectra Logic’s data protection products are available through a global network of resellers and OEMs. For more information, contact Spectra Logic at (800) 833-1132, or visit http://www.SpectraLogic.com.


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