Spectra Logic Adds Encryption and Compression to VTL

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LAS VEGAS?STORAGE DECISIONS, December 6, 2006?Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, today announced that it has added AES-256 bit BlueScale? encryption to its virtual tape library, the Spectra® T950 with RXT?. VTL customers can now lower costs with data compression to the RXT VTL; tape emulation built into the RXT? drive; save time by performing backup and restores using disk; and for the first time, reduce risk by encrypting data on RXT, which is the only VTL designed to optionally be taken off-site.

?Spectra Logic is a leader in removable media storage and encryption, so adding security to their VTL is a great feature addition,? said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. ?Blending VTL, a portable RAID array, and encryption provides the highest protection for data in transit available today.?

The Spectra T950 with RXT is designed to scale VTL capacity from 500GB to 894TB. The library can be configured to support any combination of LTO, SAIT, SDLT and RXT within a single frame. And now, with Spectra Logic?s BlueScale Encryption embedded in the library?s interface processor, data streamed to tape or VTL can be encrypted and compressed.

?Spectra Logic is combining proven hardware and software to offer a secure method for storing data onsite and moving large amounts of data between locations,? said Molly Rector, vice president of marketing for Spectra Logic. ?We want to give our customers peace of mind that their data is secure regardless if it resides in or outside the data center.?

The Spectra T950 with RXT Virtual Tape Library
Spectra Logic brings together the best of both disk and tape with RXT in the Spectra T950 library. Users can easily add disk, presented as virtual tape, to the backup strategy RXT is added modularly to the library, fitting seamlessly into a standard storage environment. The backup software sees the RXT as an LTO drive, so no changes are required to the backup strategy or environment. The RXT product line is certified with all major ISV packages.

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About Spectra Logic Corporation
Spectra Logic Corporation is the leader in innovative hardware-driven data backup and archival solutions for companies worldwide. Spectra Logic?s tape, disk and encryption libraries help organizations save time, lower costs and reduce risks while protecting and storing data. Spectra® products support AIT, LTO, SAIT and SDLT tape, provide capacities ranging from 60 gigabytes to multiple petabytes, and integrate encryption and RAID. Today, the company has tens of thousands of libraries installed worldwide with customers that include NASA and Verizon Wireless. Spectra Logic has introduced many industry first products including: first to automate AIT in a library; first with all-native Fibre Channel and iSCSI libraries; first to integrate tape and disk in a single-frame library; first to offer hardware-based, encryption-enabled libraries. Spectra Logic’s data protection products are available through a global network of resellers and OEMs. For more information, contact Spectra Logic at (800) 833-1132, or visit http://www.SpectraLogic.com.


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