Tupperware Selects Spectra Logic for Data Protection

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Customized Partitioning, Expandability, Reliability are among the Spectra TSeriesLibraries’ Greatest Strengths

BOULDER, Colo., May 22, 2006— Data storage innovator Spectra Logic announced that Tupperware Inc. selected the Spectra® T950 and T120 libraries as the solutions to improve the reliability and scalability of the data protection environment. Tupperware chose the TSeries libraries for the Shared Library Services (SLS) partitioning feature which allows backup for separate data pools within one library, for their modular design, and for their BlueScale™ software environment. These features make these libraries expandable to accommodate future data growth while offering the high transfer rates and Fibre Channel connectivity to meet Tupperware’s backup window needs today.

Tupperware outgrew its previous backup solution, which was slow, unreliable and outdated. The company experienced numerous failed backups and needed more capacity and improved data recovery. After reviewing several options, they selected Spectra Logic TSeries libraries with LTO-2 and LTO-3 tape technology.

“Spectra Logic offered the industry’s best, most customizable partitioning ability, along with reliability, expandability and attached Fibre Channel drives for optimal speed,” said Bill Slaughter, Tupperware’s IT architect. “Tupperware now has the capacity and speed to meet its backup windows, and improved data integrity due to significantly reduced backup errors. The T950 and T120 are so reliable, we’re confident we can recover tape data if a disaster hits.”

An enterprise-class Spectra T950 library resides in Tupperware’s Florida headquarters and a mid-range Spectra T120 library is installed at its disaster recovery site in Texas. Tupperware is protecting production, test and development data in a single partitioned library in a Fibre Channel SAN environment.

“Spectra Logic is pleased to meet Tupperware’s requirements for data reliability, recovery and partitioning” said Larry Freeman, senior product manager for Spectra Logic. “The TSeries libraries are available with numerous BlueScale software features like SLS, and can be easily tailored to fit the unique needs of each customer.”

About Tupperware Brands

Tupperware Brands Corporation is a global direct seller of premium, innovative products across multiple brands and categories through an independent sales force of approximately 1.9 million.  Product brands and categories include design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home through the Tupperware brand and beauty and personal care products through its Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, Nuvo and Swissgarde brands.  To learn more about Tupperware, call 1-888-919-8099 or visit the web sites at www.tupperware.com and www.beauticontrol.com.  Tupperware stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TUP).

About Spectra Logic Corporation

Spectra Logic Corporation, now in its 26th year, is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative data protection for companies worldwide. Spectra Logic products make it easy for organizations to store and protect rapidly growing data by offering libraries with capacities ranging from 60 gigabytes to multiple petabytes. Today, the company has tens of thousands of libraries installed worldwide with customers that include NASA, LSU Medical, and Verizon Wireless. Spectra Logic’s data protection products are available through a global network of resellers and OEMs. Spectra Logic has introduced many industry first products including: first to automate AIT in a library; first with all-native Fibre Channel and iSCSI libraries; first to integrate tape and disk in a single-frame library; first to offer hardware-based, encryption-enabled libraries. For more information, contact Spectra Logic by phone at (800) 833-1132, or visit the company’s Web site at http://www.SpectraLogic.com.


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