Neoscale Partners with Spectra Logic to Deliver Highest Level of Security to Spectra Logic Customers

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NeoScale’s FIPS-CertifiedCryptoStor Tape Appliance Delivers Highest Security Now Available in Public and Financial Sectors

Milpitas, CA— Jan. 24, 2006—NeoScale Systems Inc., the premier provider of enterprise storage security solutions, today announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Spectra Logic, a leading designer and manufacturer of data storage products that protect mission-critical data for companies worldwide. NeoScale’s Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 CertifiedCryptoStor Tape appliance will be sold by Spectra Logic and its partners to government and large enterprise customers requiring sophisticated key management and FIPS certification to fulfill stringent security requirements.  FIPS 140-2 sets security standards that US federal agencies may be required to use, depending on the kind of classified data the agencies must store, and has been adopted by many enterprises as a requirement.  The NeoScale appliance solution complements Spectra Logic’s new Spectra BlueScale Encryption Standard Edition, that makes encryption affordable for customers who need to encrypt data stored to tape but don’t need the level of security called for by FIPS 140-2.

“NeoScale’s impressive accomplishment in earning FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certification—the only tape encryption appliance with that level of certification—balances highly secure storage with the ability to ensure authorized users’ access to encrypted data,” said Hossein ZiaShakeri, VP of business development for Spectra Logic.  “The NeoScale partnership lets us provide our customers encryption appliances with the highest level of security, which complement our enterprise tape library solutions.”

Unencrypted data backups are at significant risk from accidental loss or malicious use. Failure to encrypt data at rest exposes organizations –in both the private sector and the public sector- to serious legal liability and badly damaged reputations.  According to the Enterprise Strategy Group, in spite of this risk, only about seven percent of businesses encrypt all stored data today.  However, that number will rapidly increase as security regulations become stricter and lack of compliance becomes even more costly.

Spectra Logic is addressing this risk with a two-pronged strategy to deliver tape security solutions: 

  • The first strategy arms Spectra libraries with the capability of encrypting data using AES-256 and backing up the data in a single step. Endura Key Management, available through the library and Web interface, provides key management tools that are required to support strong encryption. By encrypting data through library hardware, data is secured, no additional point of management is required and proven backup strategies can continue unchanged. 
  • The second strategy offers Spectra Logic customers NeoScale’s FIPS-Certified CryptoStor Tape appliance. CryptoStor Tape compresses, encrypts and cryptographically authenticates data as it is stored to tape media.  With NeoScale’s Global Key Management, encryption keys can be securely shared between locations and automatically archived for recovery at disaster recovery sites.  

NeoScale and Spectra Logic Protect Critical Data

“We are excited about partnering with Spectra Logic to complement their encryption offering,” said James Yu VP of Business Development at NeoScale. “We expect to provide Spectra Logic customers even more benefits in ensuring data privacy as NeoScale and Spectra Logic continue to integrate technology.”

About NeoScale

Founded in June 2000, NeoScale Systems Inc. is the premier storage security company enabling enterprise customers to achieve data privacy with the lowest operational impact and at the lowest total cost. The company’s award-winning CryptoStor™ appliances automate the encryption of data that is either in-flight over a storage network or at-rest on disk, virtual tape, or tape media. NeoScale solutions have been certified by leading storage vendors and have been deployed worldwide within government, financial services, healthcare, and other organizations. The company has raised more than $44 million capital from Advanced Technology Ventures, Bay Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Sevin Rosen Funds. For more information, visit


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