Spectra Logic TSeries Libraries Double Performance with LTO-3 Drives

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CHICAGO, STORAGE DECISIONS—May 25, 2005—Spectra Logic is now shipping TSerieslibraries with Ultrium LTO3 Tape Drives manufactured by IBM. Spectra® T950, T120 and T50 users can use the SCSI and Fibre Channel drives to double the capacity and receive up to double the speed of previous generation LTO drives. This can help improve administrative productivity and provide more cost-effective data protection, all with a simple drive addition or upgrade.

“Spectra Logic backed up in-house files to an enterprise Spectra T950 library with IBM LTO3 fibre channel drives, and was very impressed with performance results,” said Larry Freeman, a senior product manager for Spectra Logic. “The LTO3 drives performed blazingly fast at 175 MB/s, more than double the speed over LTO2 drives we tested. We are pleased to offer LTO technology to customers worldwide.”

Third-generation IBM LTO Tape Drives offer both 160 SCSI LVD and 2 Gigabit fibre channel attachment. They are well-suited for backup, restore and archive applications within mid-range to enterprise data centers. IBM LTO3 drives provide a native cartridge capacity of 400 GB and 80 MB/sec native data throughput. Yet, testing in Spectra’s test laboratory setting has shown data transfer rates of up to 175 MB/sec with compressible data.